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Original Journey

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Original Journey
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  Original Journey

Original Journey is a game of action 2D hand drawn with random levels, mechanical armor, and a fantastic atmosphere of science fiction.

In the far reaches of the universe there is a planet that should not exist. A world full of dangerous monstrosities, floating islands and terrible secrets. Accompany the Ato, an ancient space race, in their attempt to discover the mysterious secrets of the Planet Shadow and harvest their energy to save his dying home planet.

As a private, commanded by the legendary Captain Colin war hero, your mission is desperate and dangerous, but the fate of all your people depend on you to come out victorious. Fight through the ever-changing surface of the planet Shadow, improve your skills, upgrade your computer, and discover the truth behind the Ato invasion.

What sacrifice you will be able to save your species?

Game Features

Experience the rich and Atos wrenching struggle for survival of their species.
Wield more than a dozen alien weapons hundreds of bloody battles.
strategically plan your battle and defense turrets.
Equip yourself with a wide range of mechanical armor.
Embark on different missions, like races, marksmanship and more.


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