Pixel Film Studios - ProTeaser Volume 2

Pixel Film Studios - ProTeaser Volume 2

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Pixel Film Studios - ProTeaser Volume 2
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  Pixel Film Studios - ProTeaser Volume 2 | Final Cut Pro X | 79 MB.

Trailers for Final Cut Pro X
Ready for a sequel that will not leave disappointed? ProTeaser: Volume 2 of Pixel Film Studios can help you promote your upcoming movie with 6 new texts teaser trailer. Take your audience to a digital horror story or the Arabian desert in his next video trailer. ProTeaser text is pre-animated and can be customized in the FCPX Inspector.

Space Race theme
Take your viewer on a journey to the edge of the universe with the theme of the space race. With a textured metal source and racing stars, the space race theme is perfect for any intergalactic adventure this side of the Milky Way.

Theme Princess of Thieves
Define your own destiny in Final Cut Pro X with the theme of the Princess of Thieves. Take your viewer on a desert snake charmers, sandstorms and endless danger to the topic of Princess of Thieves sunny world.

Issue of system failure
Do not forget to press the recording after seeing the issue of system failure for Final Cut Pro X. This text title afraid recreates the appearance of a VCR player possessed. Fully personalize this horror theme directly in FCPX.

Item No Vacancy
Create a fresh look night life or a scary hotel scene at the click of a button with the issue of any vacancy. Controls brightness, color, font and size of text directly into Final Cut Pro X.

Comic Book theme
creates a graphic novel, pop art or video game appearance in drag of a mouse with the theme of comics. Keyframes are not needed! Simply place one of the pre-animated timeline generators, and you're good to go!

Theme Horizon
Create an epic plot title sequence with the theme of the horizon. Controls brightness, color and size of the sun, along with the text, font and reflection directly in FCPX Inspector. Bring your images to the edge of the eclipse with the theme Horizon.


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