Offworld Trading Company - Limited Supply DLC

Offworld Trading Company - Limited Supply DLC

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Offworld Trading Company - Limited Supply DLC
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  Offworld Trading Company - Limited Supply DLC

Before business began to flourish on Mars, the early pioneers of the Earth had one goal: survival. Play in a dozen challenging scenarios and overcomes difficulties settling on Mars helping growing colonies and ensuring their healthy future. In this DLC, the stock market and other business owners are not your enemies, but you're fighting the same Mars.

The limited supply takes a basic rule of Offworld Trading Company: buy what you want, whenever you want (provided you have cash), and put it on his head. Each scenario has a different set of rules and restricts the resources that can buy and sell, which means you have to constantly how to thrive in each new location if you want to survive reevaluate.

In normal games, you need to build your business and make profits to buy their competition. Now, you must comply with a list of goals set by the colony to win and move to the next stage. As you progress, the technology that will have access becomes more advanced, but so do the requests of the colony!

DLC limited supply is a completely new way to experience Offworld Trading Company. Each scenario is a puzzle to be solved rather than a face - to - face with other companies. Can you assure the future of Mars and become a hero for the colonies?

More than a dozen scenarios with unique rule sets and locations
A constantly changing environment that offers new challenges and objectives
Evolving technologies and challenges
Overcome the initial challenges of establishing colonies on Mars
A new way to experience the game through conundrums rather than compete head to head


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