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Superstring Pro 2.9.5


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Superstring Pro 2.9.5
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  Superstring Pro 2.9.5

Superstring is a Mac application that lets you create your own lyric videos. It's never been easier to make lyric videos.

How it works.
Select a song: Select and drag a song that you want to create a lyric video into Superstring.
Enter Lyrics: Enter lyrics and align the timing of them by dragging. You can customize text styles, fonts, and more.
Add Background: Add images as a background. You can also customize background styles, colors, and more.
Export & Share: You can export your lyric video as a file that you can upload to YouTube. Share it with the world!

Express your music visually.
Creating a lyric video is as easy as dragging and dropping.
Superstring's innovative interface lets you launch and start editing in seconds. It's never been easier to create a lyric video.

Everything in its place.
A simple, intuitive interface puts all the right tools in all the right places. Which makes it easy to choose a look and customize the texts, backgrounds, and effects.

Share your lyric video with the world.
You can export your lyric video as '.mp4' file that you can upload to YouTube.
You can also export your Superstring data as '.superstring' file that you can share with other users.

Version 2.9.5:
Stability improvements and bug fixes


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