NetWorker 4.7.1

NetWorker 4.7.1

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NetWorker 4.7.1
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  NetWorker 4.7.1 (macOS)

NetWorker is a lightweight and easy to use tool that shows network information in the menu bar. it is fully customizable and supports both wireless and wired network adapters.

NetWorker features:
Fully customizable view. You can view the following properties (both download and upload is supported):
Session Traffic
Total Traffic
Resettable Traffic

You can choose the network adapter to observe. Both wired and wireless adapters are supported!
Adjustable refresh interval.
Choose between a byte- or bit-mode.
Use either colored or black/white icons in the menu bar.
Support for auto start.
Traffic Overview: Use this feature if you are on a volume limited plan.

Version 4.7.0
The country for your external IP adress is displayed. This feature can be useful for VPN users.
You can now manually reload your external IP adress by clicking the reload button next to it.
The menu now has a new item showing your external IP address. Clicking this item will copy the IP address to the clipboard.
The Overview page can now show either the current- or the average speeds.
When the mouse cursor is above the speed graph, the text no longer overlaps the bars.
The speed graph now shows additional lines and text.
Resizing the main window now also properly resizes the tracking area of the speed graph. This results in a better detection for when the mouse cursor is moved above the graph.


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