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Back In Focus 1.4.0


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Back In Focus 1.4.0
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  Back In Focus 1.4.0 | Mac OS X | 4 MB.

If you ever took a great shot only to find it's a little blurry, Back In Focus can help you get into focus!

✔ it Supports most image formats
✔ is able to recover smaller details that blur size
✔ It facilitates the exploration of different deconvolution algorithms
✔ It has tools to redirect only the blurred area
✔ Seize the Grand Central Dispatch to use your computer's power

Back In Focus implements advanced deconvolution technology to recover lost details. It is best to use before any image manipulation.

Algorithms currently implemented:
● Unsharp Masking (quick and full)
● Response finite and infinite impulse Wiener
Richardson-Lucy ● (with a variation threshold)
● deconvolution linear algebra


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