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Gönner is a complicated platform game generated procedures and a roguelike touch. Gönner is also a story of friendship between IKK Death and a space whale named Sally.

You'll die. Many times. It is part of the design, we do not treat you badly. You'll end up dominating Gönner, so do not lose your head. But if you do, nothing happens because we have many spare heads that you can use.

- Daily Challenges! You can only play once a day. The levels are randomly generated, but in this mode all play the same world and uses an identical initial kit. Everything is reset at midnight (of Sweden). Can you beat your opponents in the score?

- GENERATED BY PROCEDURE! Each time you play the worlds will be different and will present unique challenges and opportunities.

- Unlockables! At the beginning of each game, you can choose from a variety of passive or active skills, so be sure to try them all and find the most suitable style game for you.

- SECRETS! Gönner in the world there are several secret areas where you will find different objects that you can use at the beginning of each game. We will not tell how to reach them and what requirements need to find them because obviously they are secret.

- RANKINGS! Mata creatures, get combos and points and show off to your friends to be much better than them.

- MUSIC! Is the most.


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