RightFont 5.2.2 (2149)

RightFont 5.2.2 (2149)

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RightFont 5.2.2 (2149)
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  RightFont 5.2.2 (2149) | Mac OS X | 7 MB.

RightFont 5 is a manager application innovative, beautiful and professional fonts for Mac OS, which helps designers to preview, install, synchronize and manage your font files. RightFont is an administrator of light sources with a clean and beautiful interface. It offers many features that help you manage all your local sources easily

Access to management sources at any time directly from the menu bar.
Check any source as highlighted by clicking
Create and manage font lists
Access to sources directly into Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, AfterEffect), Sketch, etc.
instant search results as you type
Changes the preview of the font and font size in real time
Find the fastest correct source
Easily Filter sources by classifications (sans serif, serif, script, etc.), the width and weight of the source. Even the sources of Google and Adobe Typekit fonts are listed separately for you.
Integrations effortlessly: you can use RightFont design software. With a simple double - click, you can change the font used in the text layer.

Redesign the interface
RightFont 5 was totally redesigned to maintain a balance between simplicity and characteristics. Now it is much easier to allow designers and creative teams accelerate your workflow.
Font Library
As desired, the Font Library is finally presented in RightFont 5. You can now organize fonts and font lists in a font library and can freely move anywhere to share resources or backup.
MacOS support Mojave
RightFont 5 is fully optimized for MacOS Mojave, with support for dark themes, touchbar, SVG fonts and more color.
Best Presentation
Performance is a big step forward in RightFont 5, now 2 times faster than version 4.0 when importing and rendering fonts.


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