Pizza Vs. Skeletons

Pizza Vs. Skeletons

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Pizza Vs. Skeletons
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  Pizza Vs. Skeletons

You are big. TASTY you. Firewood distributes the undead, now in the MAC!

Top 10 iOS Games 2012
"Ridiculous and totally amazing" -USA Today
"Best casual game of 2012" -Best App Ever Awards

Pizza Vs. Skeletons is a 2D platform game, more original than any other Mac game ever created epic proportions. You must control a pizza from 8 meters high for an end to the hordes of undead by land and sea, and even in outer space.

OUR COMMITMENT: No publicity. Grilled nothing to give you buy us other things. Paying the full game once, with all updates; yours forever.

WARNING: This game should not take it as a joke! Each level has three cetagorķas of challenges, and eventually things can get really tricky. (But do not worry, you will enter the game slowly)

What can a pizza from 8 meters high? The truth is that you can do almost everything *

= Chafar ostriches Fossilized = Rescuing chihuahua puppies = Flatten unbearable cupids = Learn karate = practice sumo wrestling with an alien = Skiing with comrades = Demolish a haunted skyscraper = Eating fugu = Bounce on space jellybeans = Mangle the great pyramids = Celebrate the Day of the deceased = Become a ridge = Visit the moon = Protect civilians = Assaulting a slaughterhouse = Prevent a abduct UFO someone = Give some baseball players a lesson they will never forget = Plunder = make pirate = No make = Make pirate pirate jawed ant = Destroy a log cabin in perfect condition = Being beaten by teddies = Get in thermonuclear plan =

* In fact, you can do all this, and much more!


+ 120 fabulously absurd levels
+ 3 distinct challenges in each level
+ Full compatibility with MFi controllers
+ Dozens of enemies
+ Giant monsters final phase
+ Create the perfect character for your needs: ponle chillies, an old wig, turn it into a peanut butter sandwich ... design over A QUARTER MILLION PIZZAS!
+ Game Center: leaderboards and challenges to compete


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