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Party Saboteurs

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Party Saboteurs
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  Party Saboteurs

Saboteurs Party brings tension and strategy games like Spy Party Town of Salem and local multiplayer genre. Players have to move carefully, trying to mingle with the other guests and, while watching any awkward movement that can stop an enemy spy.

Each player controls a spy trying to blend into an exclusive cocktail to complete their missions. The capture? At the same time, all control snipers trying to identify and eliminate the spies of others. There are two ways to win: first complete missions or kill the other spies.

The aesthetics of the game is inspired by classic movies, immersing players in an atmosphere of espionage. Try to imagine James Bond and Austin Powers infiltrated a party hosted by Kim Jong-Un, competing to see who can sabotage it first. Everyone delivered an amazing retro pixel art!

Saboteurs Party is primarily a competitive local multiplayer game, so it is designed to be played on a sofa, ideally, 3 or 4 (or 8, if you share drivers). Currently he has a single player mode, but at a very basic state. The online mode is planned for the future.


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