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Lock's Quest
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  Lock's Quest

Build defenses and fights against hordes of Mecasoldados in this remake of Lock's Quest, The acclaimed 2008 title for Nintendo DS now for next-generation consoles! You play as Lock, a youngster who opposes the invasion suffered by his people. This, however, leads to a larger war between the Royal Force and Army Mecasoldados resurrected with the Lord Agony head. As you progress, fascinating history will be revealed to you through 75 days of intense war that will take place in 12 unique maps and which have the help of turrets, traps and special attacks. Enjoy the game and the whole experience offered: with a soundtrack of high quality, high resolution pictures and the ability to play both keyboard and mouse or remote!

Sets units of the Royal Force to defend your city in a whole new way infinite: Defense Antonia!
Upgrade your every day fortifications to defend against the attacks of the Mecasoldados. Use turrets, traps and helpers to stop their advance.
Fight alongside your defenders, use special attacks that depend on the context and devastating super attacks that damage many enemies.
Unlock the secrets of the Royal Force and Arquingenieros through a fascinating story with various characters and told through cinematics and videos drawn by hand.

Remastering features:

It has all the music remastered in high definition, and the introduction and final feature instrumental music.
They have been reallocated controls keyboard / mouse control.
They have greatly improved the blocky characters and maps thanks to the high resolution, and has created a new user interface, updated specifically for consoles and PC higher resolution, with a brand new graphical environment.
Defense novel Antonia battles include a new map.
With the new progression system automatically unlock new towers at certain points in history.
Endless Mode: Sets units of the Royal Force to defend Antonia in this new and special way.
unique combination of genres Simulator Adventure and creation.
Frantic construction cycles and fight instantly inform you of the success of your creations.
They have expanded strategy elements for sophisticated players.
The simple construction function lets you enjoy the simulator creation.
It allows you to create structures and unique and fun weapons (like glue balls, catapults, windmills, etc.).
Possibility of adapting building strategies and struggle as new materials and enemy intelligence obtained evolves.


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