Pixel Film Studios - Prograin 4K

Pixel Film Studios - Prograin 4K

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Pixel Film Studios - Prograin 4K
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  Pixel Film Studios - Prograin 4K | Final Cut Pro X | 66.20 MB.

Users of Final Cut Pro X can now give your images the look of a real celluloid film Prograin 4K Pixel Film Studios. This collection of 20 movie titles looking for Final Cut Pro X, you can instantly give any video a more cinematic feel. With easy to use controls, publishers can quickly manipulate the contrast, opacity, color and texture of his film.

Grain motion picture 4k
With Prograin 4K, users can easily add a texture of fine grain or 35 mm to your footage in Final Cut Pro X, giving the illusion that your video was chemically processed into a film of real celluloid. The film grain is an excellent way to add style, depth and quality to any video film.

20 presets movie file
Prograin 4K was professionally designed to emulate popular 20 grain patterns from real celluloid movies. From fine objects to artifacts course, users can select what size, texture and pattern are better suited to his style of film.


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