CISDEM DataRecovery 5.6.0

CISDEM DataRecovery 5.6.0

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CISDEM DataRecovery 5.6.0
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  CISDEM DataRecovery 5.6.0 | Mac OS X | 8 MB.

CISDEM DataRecovery is a simple tool that within minutes can recover any file that has been deleted by computer error or removable hard drives without advanced settings, since the program tracks and retrieves information in a fairly simple manner.

The application can distinguish between text documents (in doc, pdf, txt, wpd, accdb, cwk ...), multimedia files like images, videos or photos, compressed files (7z, rar, zip, gz ...) and, in general, any file that has been eliminated by accidental error, disk failure, unexpected formatting or incorrect operation that would bring the files disappeared.

After selecting the type of files you want to recover and the storage device track, the program will take a few minutes to locate all the content that is accessible again, though not always able to fully recover, especially in the case multimedia files that could have corrupted areas. It will display localized content filtering between different types of formats, thus facilitating the option to determine what you really need to recover and what other content is still dispensable.


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