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TransRoad: USA
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  TransRoad: USA

In this exciting simulator Deck13 Hamburg, you will start as the owner of a small logistics company with wit and you will take all your management skills to succeed in your business.

Have you ever wanted to start a company in Kansas City? Or will more Las Vegas? I like more the Rockies or New York, you live the American dream in realistic map of TransRoad: USA . Establish your center in one of the 37 authentic US cities. UU. including, buy your first truck and trailer and hire drivers. Get the best commissions and the best combinations of routes to avoid empty trips and have satisfied customers.

You know that confidence is arguably the most important in business right? Would you like to establish a close (and lucrative) relationship with your customers? In TransRoad: USA , created a good reputation with many customers all EE. UU. It is the key to success. Delivery orders on time and manages special requests to increase confidence and gain access to truly great transport contracts.

Do not you just an American truck? How about 100? Manage your growing truck fleet with dozens of vehicles and trailers and send all EE. UU. Assigns the right truck for each contract shrewdly avoids empty runs and win big money! Unlock new types of merchandise buying concessions trailers and acquiring new customers. Connect key industrial sectors with suppliers in a simulated complex economy.

Did you think finally have mastered your profession? Let 's see if you're ready for the impending crisis in the automotive sector. TransRoad: USA simulate key economic indicators such as market and price, and always the āpanāra to create a new event that will surprise you . Do you accept the challenge?
business management complex: buy and sell trucks and trailers, hire and fire drivers, develop and expand your marketing department, purchasing concessions trailers, calls and returns loans, examines statistics and more.
Truck Management: Take the fleet maintenance and flexibility combined with trucks, trailers and drivers to enforce contracts on time.
Trailers for heavy loads need powerful trucks. Wisely choose between two, three or even four axes.
complex order management and trade relations.
Many different guests with several branches.
You can unlock 7 different types of buying new concessions trailer trailers
Delivery orders on time or suffer harsh penalties.
Earn the confidence of a client to unlock lucrative recurring orders.
Know your opponents both on the map and statistics.
EE realistic map. UU. with more than 30 cities and 19 emblematic locations.
Map free expansion, from an aerial view of EE. UU. a close-up of your truck.
Three game modes: campaign and free play mission mode.


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