Fall of Light

Fall of Light

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Fall of Light
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  Fall of Light

"In the beginning, there was only nothingness. The evil souls writhing in pain on the existential void. Then Luce rose, pierced the darkness and brought warmth and order to the world. Thus began the age of humanity, it lasted many eras of light. But the 14th was the first era of darkness ... "

Put yourself in the skin of Nyx, a warrior retired. Avoid shadows, find your way through torturous dungeons, treacherous passages runs through the gloomy outside world and face the emissaries of darkness and forgotten temples. Countless puzzles and deadly traps stand between you and your mission: take your daughter Aether the only place in the world where there is still light.

Fall of Light is inspired by games like ICO and Dark Souls and rewards players who explore the world on their own and draw their own conclusions. Converses with most peculiar characters and explores every nook and cranny to uncover hidden secrets and learn more about the history of the shadowy world around you. Equip yourself with your weapons, crossbows and shields favorite adopts a pose of battle and ready to annihilate hordes of cunning enemies. But above all, you must protect your daughter from harm, for it is the light that will dispel the darkness and the key that will unlock the forbidden paths.


20 different battle poses including two-handed weapons and dual weapons.
10 kinds of weapons ranging from short to long range.
Guides and protects Aether, the daughter Indigo.
Confront shadows, soldiers of darkness and infernal bosses.
Explore the outside world, dungeons and temples to get special powers.
Discover all the secrets and solve puzzles environment.


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