iA Writer 5.1.3

iA Writer 5.1.3

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iA Writer 5.1.3
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  iA Writer 5.1.3 MAS | Mac OS X | 10 MB.

Keep your hands on the keyboard and your mind in the text.
iA Writer makes sure that all your thoughts are kept in the text - not in the program. The pleasure of writing.
Your documents on all devices
synchronize your documents effortlessly with iCloud and Dropbox. ICloud create folders to organize the scriptures.

4 times winner of Best of App Store
# The application of simple writing
iA Writer eliminates distractions. It gives you a space of quiet writing so you can concentrate and express yourself clearly.
# Focus
Focus mode dims everything except the current sentence or paragraph, helping to keep in context.
# Start
Do not worry about the format. First, write in plain text. Then use the preview in HTML.
# Organize
Search, sort and exchange documents of different clouds quickly without leaving the window.
# Working
iA Writer includes a reverse mode light over darkness, perfect for working day and night.
# Cleaning
Detects superfluous adjectives, weak verbs and nouns repetitive false and clean text conjunctions usual noise.
# Forma
Customize your templates and export to WordPress, Medium, HTML, Microsoft Word (.docx) or PDF.
# 100% text
Embeds links, images, tables and text files in plain text, and watch them on preview.


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