Pixel Film Studios - ProPen: Pen Tool

Pixel Film Studios - ProPen: Pen Tool

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Pixel Film Studios - ProPen: Pen Tool
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  Pixel Film Studios - ProPen: Pen Tool for FCPX | Mac OS X | 13.13 MB.

Pen tool for FCPX
With PROPEN, the user can now display your game plan, or just enjoy this fun and easy to use. PROPEN allows the user to draw around your subject as it passes through the screen and even magnify the center of interest. Have control over line width, line spacing, roundness line, increasing, blending modes, color and more, all in Final Cut Pro X.

Draw and magnified in FCPX
With ProPen, we give the user full control over every pen stroke. The user can now draw around your theme and then bring it if desired. Users can blur the background or expansion, change the color and the blending mode of its bottom or expansion, and more. With ProPen, you will provide more than 80 individually designed presets that can easily be manipulated with a single mouse click in Final Cut Pro X.

Over 80 effect presets
With ProPen, users can choose between two dotted lines, dotted lines 3, 8 dotted lines, arrows, lines 11 extended boom and styles of prints that can be delineated with a stroke of a pen. Each preset gives user variety, which gives flexibility to the user to create a desired unique appearance at all times. Adjust the width, spacing, roundness, controls shading, line color, combination mode expansion and color, zoom, blur, background checks and more from the pen.

Screen controls
With ProPen, the onscreen controls are fun, simple and easy to use. Users have complete control over the position, scale and rotation. The user can control each point within the pen stroke with a mouse click. PROPEN frustration away with putting users first control controls simple and easy to use screen, all with a few clicks of a mouse, all in Final Cut Pro X.

Designed for Final Cut Pro X
ProPen was professionally designed to work seamlessly within Final Cut Pro X. As title FCPX, each preset ProPen can drag and drop your footage and can be adjusted using onscreen controls. With easy to use controls that can be found in FCPX inspector, with some adjustments the user can easily find the best look with just a few clicks of a mouse.


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