Pixel Film Studios - ProTrailer: Horror

Pixel Film Studios - ProTrailer: Horror


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Pixel Film Studios - ProTrailer: Horror
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  Pixel Film Studios - ProTrailer: Horror | Final Cut Pro X | 650 MB.

Pixel Film Studios brings users a new and creepy FCPX ProTrailer package ProTrailer: Horror, specially designed for FCPX. With 30 preset skittish very detailed style, these openers trailers surely scare the audience socks. The presets include all styles terrifying titles ghostly fog, the theme titles horrible ax murder. Designed for any skill level Final Cut Pro X user.

30 different presets
ProTrailer: Horror includes 30 different presets Horror, from grisly murder ax topics to fantastic styles of ghost stories. The FCPX users have the ability to change the color and within each preset. Each preset can be designed to work with any font style, to fit any mood or style project.

3D fully customizable controls
ProTrailer: Horror provides users with a unique and intuitive set of controls, which gives users unlimited creative options. Including text controls allow users to change and modify the text in real time, along with controls camera angle, depth of field options and more. Creating scary and spooky title starting pitchers have never been easier.

professional looks
ProTrailer: Horror gives filmmakers and editors FCPX the possibility of putting a professional-looking text on your own photos and videos, or use and modify the given 3D environment. Fog particles, floor layers and more are included at the fingertips of users, putting editors in the drivers seat to create professional titles, without any hassle.


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