Nantucket: Sings of the Braves

Nantucket: Sings of the Braves

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Nantucket: Sings of the Braves
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  Nantucket: Sings of the Braves

Moby Dick hunt and live the Golden Age of whaling in this game of naval strategy. Sail the seven seas, manage your ship and your crew, and live the story of Ishmael, the only survivor of the Pequod, a few years after the events narrated by Herman Melville in his masterpiece.

Set sail and explore the seven seas
Sail the seven seas, visiting cities and builds prestige whaling, fulfilling tasks and seeking new adventures.
Become the captain who want to be
Develop your character with style JDR system, increasing your characteristics and developing your skills.
Manage your ship and your crew
Enlist and manage your crew, give tasks on the ship and upgrade your ship with new magazines to expand your possibilities.
Experience the golden age of whaling
Experience over a thousand unique events built around your choices and face the consequences of each of your actions.
Hunting whales and repels pirates
Discover new hunting areas, tracks the whales for their precious fat and protects your ship from pirates through a turn - based combat system.
Hunt Moby Dick
follows the original story and meets mission to uncover the secret behind Moby Dick and to dissolve the curse of Ahab.


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