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Scrutiny 7.5.9


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Scrutiny 7.5.9
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  Scrutiny 7.5.9 | Mac OS X | 12 MB.

Scrutiny is a set of web optimization tools include link checking, controls SEO, Sitemap generation speed test page loading, the HTML validation.

Version 5 is a major update and includes these new features:
'task - based' Cleaner Interface
Monitoring Web Site as many urls as you want with alerts on the screen or email, as well as writing to a file registration
Able to scan documents in pdf format links
easy programming with a few clicks (the old method using iCal still work)
the end of a scheduled or manual scan, Scrutiny 5 may send an email, save a report, open a file or AppleScript, ftp xml sitemap and other actions
a list of links in html, plain text or xml sitemap opens and scans (automatically detected)
Best page analysis - find more items that make up a page
Scan a site for pages that contain specific text


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