Attack of the Earthlings

Attack of the Earthlings

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Attack of the Earthlings
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  Attack of the Earthlings

Attack of the Earthlings is a game that combines turn - based combat environment in a comic espionage single player campaigns. You, as a player, you will get the side of an alien race whose home has been attacked by human disgusting.

Galactoil is a very inefficient energy company dedicated to collect and exploit the resources of any planet in the galaxy, no matter how many lives should sacrifice to get it . Galactoil the corporative mission is to fill their pockets as soon as possible. However, after landing on Planet X13, you will encounter a tribe of Swarmers angry and hungry.

In Attack of the Earthlings you take control of a group of Swarmers, a race of very aggressive giant insects who want to defend their home and eat as many humans as possible. Human flesh improves power and spermite learn new skills.

To stop the invasion, Swarmers have planned their attacks carefully. They assail to careless workers, prepare traps and attack from the air vents group to attack many enemies at the same time.

Few have defeated more humane, more human will devour and be your most powerful units. Meat human workers is a favorite ingredient of any Swarmer.

The game features actors and renowned voices as Sungwon Cho, also known as ProZD (A Hat in Time, Paradigm), giving life to the regional director Dennis Galatoil Dickinham, a highly incompetent person receiving a huge salary. Dickinham always sees the positive side of life, loves golf and have a good massage. Dickinham is the best partner you can have. Yet, nor ocurrar you say "bad idea" in his presence!


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