ChronoBurn 2.4.6

ChronoBurn 2.4.6

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ChronoBurn 2.4.6
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  ChronoBurn 2.4.6 | Mac OS X | 4 MB.

ChronoBurn is a new way to control your calorie intake.

ChronoBurn also features automatic backup and data synchronization.
Easily Synchronize your data between multiple devices and continue recording while traveling!
Every time you add something to your daily or update your profile, that information is instantly synced across all your devices.
To use data synchronization, simply log into your account using another device, and the application will download all data and synchronize everything exactly as the first device-and then one device to another in real time!
The synchronization service is free, fast and requires no configuration.
ChronoBurn is available in 10 different platforms, so no matter what device you use, you can record all your information from your favorite device.
And to get an idea of how ChronoBurn works, go to and can start immediately. Then later, you can send the data back to your mobile device.

Counting calories in real time
Translated into 26 languages
Available in 10 different platforms
Interface simple, clean and intuitive
Automatic backup and data synchronization
Realistic estimate of weight loss
It shows how quickly burns calories your body
Nutritional information complete (fiber, sugar, sodium)
Proportion macronutrient adjustable (proteins, carbohydrates, fats)
Advanced Search
Statistics on caloric intake
Large database of food
Food navigable divided into categories
Add your own foods and exercises
Mark your favorite items
Entries fully editable
automatic Updates
Overview today
Threshold adjustable calories
cyclic mode


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