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In ancient Egypt, death awaits around every corner

Pharaonic is a ruthless action RPG with lateral displacement set in ancient Egypt. Explore a vast kingdom full of dangers and brutal enemies as you search for the truth behind Ahmose I , the Red Pharaoh.

Only the boldest warriors have any chance of success against the army of Pharaoh and dangerous creatures that will cut step.
Original combat system and fluid

Pule your combat skills to the limit and collected the best to have any chance of surviving this difficult challenge equipment. You will choose to light equipment, relying on your agility to avoid death? Or do you take the blow and will prefer a stronger return? The decision is entirely yours.
Get ready to challenge the gods

Throughout your adventure you'll find help from the Daughters of Ishtar and the oppressed inhabitants. Learn new skills and master divine powers to overcome your opponents. Drink your water canteen-of-life to heal your wounds, and acquires new equipment that will help you defy death another day.

It's a tough trip, but the Gods believe in you. Will you be worthy of such an honor?

Pharaonic takes excellent design fighter Dark Souls and adapts to a more dynamic environment sidescroller. Use your shield to block attacks and return, manage your energy and wait for your chance to attack and defeat your enemies. A simple mistake can be fatal, so keep your concentration and avoid making any.

Explore an Ancient Egypt full of traps and treacherous enemies.
Comprehensive system, refined and satisfying combat.
Complete customization of characters, with hundreds of pieces of equipment at your disposal.
Confront impressive bosses and their minions in epic battles filled with tension.
Talk to many colorful characters to fill the gaps in your memory and find out what is happening to the kingdom.
Heaps of secondary routes to explore, treasures and traps.
Dozens of weapons and shields with different fighting styles.
Use the powers of the gods and invoke spells to help you on your trip.


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