VENUS Photoshop Retouch Panel

VENUS Photoshop Retouch Panel

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VENUS Photoshop Retouch Panel
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  VENUS Photoshop Retouch Panel | macOS | 648 MB.

Venus Panel is an extension for Adobe Photoshop CC designed and manufactured to suit all types of photographers, from amateurs to professionals.

Created by professionals, Venus Panel, is a concentration of technology that will help accelerate, simplify and increase the quality of their work.
Are you a beginner? Make an automated way you never imagined to do.
You are a professional? Save more than 90% of your time.

a number of features aimed at professional retouching skin and eyes, through these functions can aim for perfection on the issue, in fact, thanks to automated dodge and burn functions, eyes retouched, reducing noise and sharpness can have perfect skin in a few clicks.
For this function we study the present in the main objectives for portraiture blur now, thanks to this function can have a perfect and realistic blur.
Besides the classic 1.8 and 2.8 blurs we can choose the classic blurs and read.
When the light or the situation is not the best of life to your photos with the revolutionary features of the "atmosphere". Thanks to them, in fact, you can change a photo from one situation to another completely different. Transform the scene of a green forest in autumn, a hot day in a cold image, snow, rain and other effects to give life to your photos.
A collection of realistic flashes of sun to be placed on the scene to provide a pleasant visual effect where there is no light.
STATE mood
You have a flat image and worthless? All right. Stravolgila thanks to the revolutionary effect "mood", studied and designed to completely change your scene in a blizzard or an epic scene, all in one click and fully automated!


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