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Chaos Control 1.1.1


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Chaos Control 1.1.1
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  Chaos Control 1.1.1 | Mac OS X | 24.3 MB.

Chaos Control was created to help you manage and desired outcomes both in business and in your personal life goals.

People do not usually achieve impressive results simply by being good at managing tasks. It is the ability to set legitimate goals that makes the difference. Just write down your wish to make them real results. This simple technique helps you prioritize your goals before acting on them.

Chaos Control is a task manager based on the best ideas of GTD (Getting Things Done) methodology created by David Allen. Whether you are running a business, launching an application, working on a project or just planning your holiday trip, control of chaos is a perfect tool for managing your goals, juggle priorities and organize tasks to do things . And the best that can handle heavy project planning and simple daily routine as managing shopping lists in a flexible application. In addition, Chaos Control is available on all major mobile and desktop platforms with perfect timing.


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