Memory Clean 3 1.0.9

Memory Clean 3 1.0.9

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Memory Clean 3 1.0.9
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  Memory Clean 3 v1.0.9 | Mac OS X | 10 MB.

Memory Clean 3 is an absolutely beautiful, extremely powerful and super smooth to optimize the memory of your Mac application.
The application reproduces the feel of a new reboot and helps your Mac running smoothly.

Speed up your Mac
Memory Clean 3 is an absolutely gorgeous application, extremely powerful and super stylish to optimize memory your Mac.
The application replicates the feeling of a new reboot and helps keep your Mac running smoothly.

How does it work
The application works by purging inactive memory of your Mac and is best used when you close an application storage memory that will be used soon. By releasing unnecessary memory, you can have more memory so that other applications can use it .

Discover Hogs Memory
Memory Clean 3 lets you know which applications use the most memory in your Mac and can automatically recover memory when closed.

Notifications of inactive applications
can enable Memory Clean 3 to notify you of open applications that have not been used for a period of time. You can close these inactive applications to reduce memory usage.


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