Master Of Typing 3.8.1

Master Of Typing 3.8.1

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Master Of Typing 3.8.1
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  Master Of Typing 3.8.1 | Mac OS X | 70 MB.

Master of Typing 3 is an effective typing course TOUCH to master the technique of rapid typing using all 10 fingers simultaneously.

RAISE YOUR typing speed
▪ Variety of exercises: letters and special characters, words and phrases.
1. Click Settings (lower left corner).
2. Make sure Auto Trouble is disabled.
3. Select a difficulty level and then a lesson.
4. Select the lesson section by using the cursor left / right arrow.

▪ Auto Configuration Difficulty:
1. Click Settings (lower left corner).
2. Select Auto difficulty to move to the next lesson automatically if you make a successful exercise.
3. Clear auto-difficulty and select a lesson if you want to exercise only letters of this lesson.

▪ Multiple levels of exams.
▪ accurate statistical results:
▪ better and average speed,
▪ better accuracy and average.

▪ Smart Timer: stop clicking outside the application window.
▪ So, you can return to exercise and continue to do so at any time.
▪ 3 tracks: Light, Darkness and East - choose the more conventional theme universally suit your needs.
▪ Slide and fast to quickly switch between windows keys.
▪ Scheme keyboard color to memorize the positions of the fingers.
▪ Ideal for self-study at any time.

Rewrite different languages
▪ English (QWERTY),
▪ Russian (ЙЦУКЕН)
▪ Spanish (QWERTY)
▪ French (AZERTY)
▪ German (QWERTZ),
▪ Italian.

New in version
oops! We found some bugs =)
- We made this update to fix them .
- We also made some general improvements to make our best application


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