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Canary Mail 1.6.7


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Canary Mail 1.6.7
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  Canary Mail 1.6.7

Canary is an exciting new email client for Mac that offers a full set of powerful features with one key difference - your emails are not stored on a 3rd-party server. Every facet of Canary has been designed in accordance with our core philosophy of ensuring complete user privacy and offering reliable and snappy performance. Unlike other apps/services, using Canary is not contingent on providing access to your data.

Read Tracking - Canary notifies you instantly when your email is read.
Email Snooze - Declutter your Inbox in an instant and deal with emails at your convenience.
Unified Inbox - Canary features a unified inbox and supports Gmail, Yahoo!, Outlook, FastMail and universal IMAP.
Fully Local - Your emails are encrypted and stored locally and securely on your Mac, not on an online server.
Gmail Labels and Filters - Canary supports labels and social/promotional email segregation that Gmail users love.
Attachments Browser - Quickly find, download, and open every file that you've ever sent or received.
Quick Reply - Compose at the speed of thought with inline replies and direct keyboard shortcuts for your favorite contacts.
Powerful Search - Instantly find an email with powerful predicate-based search that works even when you're offline.
Amazing Performance - Canary is engineered to offer an incredibly snappy user experience, with minimal CPU and RAM use.
What's New

Version 1.6.1:
iCloud sync will now keep accounts in sync across devices (only after updating to v1.6.1+ on Mac and v1.07+ on iOS)
Pasting images into Compose and Signature edit box may not work
Some images may not load correctly
Validate popups shouldn’t be shown multiple times if login succeeds
App may not connect correctly on launch / wake from sleep
PGP decryption may not work for Symantec Encryption Desktop
Summary in email list may contain HTML debris
Unread flags may flash on launch
Various stability fixes


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