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WWIII was a horrible tragedy, at least for others. It seems that you went you a little better, hidden in your luxurious penthouse in the Skyhill Hotel ... Until the impact of a biological weapon was known him all traces of life.

Now there are mutants everywhere, and are eager to gut you with their sharp claws. But they are not your only problem: your resources are running out . You have to leave your luxurious attic and find something to eat. Advance through the skyscraper is a real ordeal. There are hidden dangers around every corner and death is a regular companion. But, seriously, how can anyone be prepared to deal with this?
It does not matter anymore. Nothing matters, just to survive. And time is running out.
Open the door.
Roguelike game type role in an apocalyptic world
Each game is different, thanks to randomly generated maps
Get experience, create weapons and seeks useful objects
Take a legion of nightmarish creatures
Aim for the head or body, but always choose wisely
Everything you find can be useful
Difficulty levels give you a chance to survive this or face under the worst possible conditions
open end ... Is there still hope? Come and find out!
Various special abilities to unlock
Turn-based combat with a sophisticated system of risks and rewards
Thanks to the elevator travels fast


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