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Understand 5.0.928

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Understand 5.0.928
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  Understand 5.0.928 (macOS)

Understand is the Swiss army knife of tools for source navigation, code understanding and static analysis - useful for every practicing software engineer. Fast and easy to use, it is a programmer's IDE oriented at maintenance tasks. Understand helps development teams working in a rigorous environment where members depend on and review other peoples code and have more complex software estimation and measurement needs. It also helps projects that have complex measurement and estimation needs, IVV/QA tasks, and wish to create customized code checks, documentation, and reports.

Languages: C/C++/C$, Java, Jovial, Fortran, Ada, Delphi, PL/M.
Graphs: Butterfly, Dependency, Declaration, Control Flow chart, Invocation (call tree).
Major features include:semantic change analysis, advanced metrics, combined language analysis, custom architecture creation, creation of code analysis snapshots, API support for adding customized code checks and reports

Version 4.0 (4.0.906):
Note: Now requires OS X 10.7 or later running on a 64-bit Intel processor
Note: Though Finder indicates that this is version 4.0, the developer refers to it as version 4.0.906

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