Stellaris: Distant Stars

Stellaris: Distant Stars

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Stellaris: Distant Stars
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  Stellaris: Distant Stars

Distant Stars is a new package of stories about discovering where players unveil new anomalies and plots, encounter new and strange beings in the depths of unexplored space. With new surprises that could benefit or hurt the most ambitious explorers.

The new package will include Distant Stars:
Behind closed doors:
Discover hidden traces of an ancient network of portals that unlocks a sealed road to a constellation outside our galaxy. But this door, is offering or depriving ourselves of something?
The sensors are picking up ... It can not be:
Discover dozens of new anomalies and events that your intrepid scientists can observe and analyze, and a galaxy full of wonders to discover.
Delve into new worlds:
Discover unique unexplored solar systems, each with a story to tell. Get technology, resources and valuable worlds to colonize.
There is always more bigwigs:
Come face to face gigantic creatures that exist and thrive in the vacuum of space. But you must approach carefully, because whether they are friendly giants like if you find something more sinister, these legendary monsters have existed long before we got you and me, and make every effort to survive at all costs.


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