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Pixel Film Studios - ProTrailer Prime Time


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Pixel Film Studios - ProTrailer Prime Time
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  Pixel Film Studios - ProTrailer Prime Time | Final Cut Pro X | 24 MB.

ProTrailer: PrimeTime is a new set of generators titles FCPX television style. ProTrailers This new package allows users to use and completely modify 3D text styles in FCPX with over 20 different animations. Users can choose from 30 different preset styles, streamline the animation process and style as well as save time filmmakers.

Over 30 beautiful preset styles
ProTrailer: Prime Time gives users access to 30 new titles based TV programs. ProTrailer: Prime Time contains all styles, from comedy to thrillers, adding versatility and value to any user library. FCPX users simply select the desired preset and personalize any look or style in seconds.

Uses full 3D text animations
ProTrailer: Prime Time use all necessary controls 3D text, with the addition of other useful tools. Each individual preset includes simple animations from the melt to playful and dynamic text animations. These options are easy to select with a simple drop - down control. Users even have the option of selecting a motion blurred version for added realism.

Get The Look - save the time
ProTrailer: Prime Time includes environmental controls such as shadows and reflections, along with advanced camera controls such as depth of field and angle of view. Users of Final Cut Pro X can also disable the environment, allowing them to add titles to their own plans and funds.

Designed for FCPX
ProTrailer: Prime Time is designed as a simple generator package for FCPX. Users of Final Cut Pro X of any skill level can quickly make simple and elegant to overlay on top of your videos or environments included in the bearing securities. Professional - looking titles are only a few seconds with these generators of new titles Pixel Film Studios.


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