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This RPG 2D action retro inspired might surprise you. CrossCode combines graphics to 16-bit SNES style with a soft physics, a combat system fast paced and captivating puzzle mechanics, accompanied by an exciting science fiction story.

CrossCode has to do with how he plays! That's why there 's a free demo of Steam! Let's try! Get the best of two popular genres, find a good balance between them and make a great game. That's what makes CrossCode. You get the puzzle dungeon style Zelda and you are rewarded with a variety of equipment you know and love about RPGs. During quick battles, you'll use the tools you find on your journey to uncover and exploit the weaknesses of enemies and at the same time, you can choose equipment and skills for a deeper approach in the fight against your enemies.

What is included in the full version:
Immerse yourself in a massive adventure with a playing time of 30 to 80 hours.
Explore a huge world with 7 unique secret areas and hidden all over the place
Battle over 120 types of enemies, including more than 30 boss fights.
Enter 7 expansive dungeons, all with unique puzzle mechanics issues.
Dominates more than 90 arts fighter and even more passive skills.
Solve over 100 missions with a variety of tasks and unique challenges.
60 music tracks made by a rice ball (yes)


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