KeyCue 8.7b1

KeyCue 8.7b1

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KeyCue 8.7b1
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  KeyCue 8.7b1 | Mac OS X | 3.84 MB.

Keyboard Shortcuts Instant: displays and put them into practice!
Just hold down the Command (Apple) key on your Mac to access KeyCue, a subtle and interesting utility that includes a floating panel all keyboard shortcuts of active applications, a genius if you want to take advantage of them and speed using your Mac.
in principle, the Command (apple) key is configured to open the panel Universal access system preferences, so you have to dial Enable access for assistive devices of the same panel box of KeyCue such work well.
Did you know that every Mac OS X application is being 40 and 80 keyboard shortcuts? But really, the question is to know how many do we use it? So we zanjamos the issue with KeyCue, a convenient way to view them in a blink, learn and implement them ... unless you prefer sacrificing comfort.


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