Keyboard Pilot 1.9.0

Keyboard Pilot 1.9.0


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Keyboard Pilot 1.9.0
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  Keyboard Pilot 1.9.0 – Switch keyboard layout for different applications.

Let Keyboard Pilot take over switching keyboard layouts for different apps. If you’re using a non-English keyboard layout, you might have noticed that some applications work better with an English layout. Things like key shortcuts in Photoshop, or typing symbols like [ ] { } in Xcode.

By letting Keyboard Pilot take over switching keyboard layouts to give you the best layout for the current application, you can focus on the actual task at hand instead.


Version 1.9.0:

This version adds support for a global shortcut to toggle the layout for the currently used application. This means you can temporarily change the layout for an app without opening the Keyboard Pilot preferences. You can also use the shortcut to set up new applications even more easily than before.
We have also improved the layout switching for "two-level" layouts such as Chinese and Japanese layouts.


OS X 10.9 or later, 64-bit processor


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