Warring States: Tactics

Warring States: Tactics

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Warring States: Tactics
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  Warring States: Tactics

Warring States: Tactics
15 missions single-player story (each a single map)
12 Battle-mode / Multi-player Battle maps (vs Human or AI)
2-4 player local and online player
Original soundtrack composed with the real sounds of classical Chinese musical instruments
Turn-based combat / turn-based (IgoUgo)
Unique system Tactical Points: Win tactical points to make sound tactical decisions (flanquear, spears against cavalry, defense of high ground, etc.) and spend them on devastating special moves
18 special moves
Siege Warfare: assails the castle walls with siege towers or destroys its doors with powerful battering rams
Soil mechanics in depth in 4 different environments
Without building: fully focus on combat and tactical options
Warring States: Tactics is a strategy game turn - based battle set during the Warring States period of ancient China.

The Warring States period is one of confusion in China, where several feudal states struggle for control of China. Qin forces directed through numerous missions based on the story while the other states challenge for supremacy.

The story is among missions as dialogue scenes using portraits of beautifully drawn characters; and in the game dialogue relevant to the battle in question.
A fully composed soundtrack, which really helps bring the feeling of Ancient China to the atmosphere of the game also included.


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