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Pixel Film Studios - ProMono

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Pixel Film Studios - ProMono
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  Pixel Film Studios - ProMono (Final Cut Pro X)

Get that aspect of film washed always wanted to ProMono of Pixel Film Studios. This collection of 100 monochrome and washes can help create the stylistic theme and tone of his film. ProMono was professionally designed to work within Final Cut Pro X.
The addition of degrees of washes and monochrome to color film has become a popular address for Hollywood colorists. It's a great way to communicate information such as locations and emotions through color. For example, a warm color can convey tranquility and peace, while a cooler color may suggest sadness or danger. With ProMono, you can tell your story through degrees of color.

70 Degrees ProMono for Final Cut Pro X
With a range of 70 degrees ProMono to choose color, publishers can set the mood for any history while also creating a professional, filmic look. Just browse through the ProMono library and then drag and drop that works best with your footage. Use simple sliders in the Inspector Final Cut Pro X to polish your look.

25 Degrees Black and White
ProMono also comes with 25 degrees of color in black and white to help you create any desaturated film look. From Hollywood to Film Noir Classic and contemporary in black and white, ProMono has exactly what you are looking for !

Now including additional effects!
After choosing your color grade PROMONO, you can complete your filmic look by adding one of the editing effects included in PROMONO bonus. These additional effects include film grain, film projector and blur edge. Make your project the best it can be by incorporating additional effects. With PROMONO the possibilities are truly endless.

Exclusively for Final Cut Pro X
ProMono was professionally designed by the team of Pixel Film Studios for Final Cut Pro X. Like a FCPX effect, these plugins can be dragged and dropped on your images and displayed in real time. ProMono also contains user-friendly controls integrated into the Final Cut Pro X Inspector that allow you to customize your look quickly.


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