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Subnautica is an open world game, underwater exploration and adventure currently under development by Unknown Worlds, the developer behind Natural Selection 2.

Immerse yourself in a vast underwater world
After crashing on an ocean alien world, the only direction you can go it is down. Subnautica oceans extending from coral reefs up the sun - drenched deep - sea trenches to the treacherous surface. Manage your oxygen supply while exploring kelp forests, plateaus, cliffs, caves and twisted systems. The water teems with life: some creatures are useful, most dangerous.

Search, manufactures, and survives
After waking up in your escape pod, the clock is ticking to find water, food and you develop the equipment you need to explore. Collects ocean resources around you. Manufactures knives, flashlights, diving equipment and your own watercraft. Venture into the depths to find rare resources that will create you more advanced objects.

Constructed underwater habitats
built base on the seabed. Choose designs and components, and manages hull integrity as the depth and the pressure increases. Use your base to store resources, save your vehicles and refill your oxygen reserves as you explore the vast ocean.

Challenges the food chain
The ocean teems with life: use the ecosystem to help. It attracts and distracts a dangerous creature with a fish, or just anything as fast as possible to avoid sharp jaws of predators that roam around.

Teme night
As the sun goes down, predators go hunting. The ocean does not forgive who caught unawares in the dark. Areas that are safe to explore during the day become treacherous overnight, but they also reveal a beauty that can never see who hide in the dark.

Shapes the field
Subnautica the ocean floor is presented using a dynamic terrain modeling system. Dig caves to hide, save the spoils, or create small cave systems. Vehicle collisions or even explosive creatures change the way the world looks.

Go into the depths
systems caves extending below the seabed, from dark to illuminated by claustrophobic passages bioluminescent creatures caves. Explore the world under the ocean floor, but watch your oxygen levels and Fret to avoid the dangers that lurk in the shadows.

open development
Get weekly or daily updates, look at what the development team works, observe real-time changes, and share your opinion from within the game. The development of early access Subnautica is open and the team wants to hear.


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