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Peep 2.3.2

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Peep 2.3.2
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  Peep 2.3.2 (macOS)

Peep is a file-viewing and text-encoding utility which is useful when programming, when experiencing text encoding problems, or when you need to extract information from a file that you can't open otherwise.

Its data-extraction functionality allows you to view files in a 'hexeditor' style; it's not intended to be an editor, but rather to inspect, access, or sort out encoding problems. It lets you:
View any file in detail, view / save in any text encoding
Displays each byte as data (decimal or hex notation) or as text
Can take text directly from the clipboard
Try different text encodings to find the correct one or the best fit
Attempts to filter the text from a proprietary format
Saves a text file using the same or another encoding

Version 2.3.2:
Small fix - when 'New from clipboard' is used, Window title now correctly reads "text from clipboard" rather than the name of the last file opened
Small fix - after 'New from clipboard' is used, the 'Show Info' button now correctly does nothing


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