Offworld Trading Company 1.16

Offworld Trading Company 1.16

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Offworld Trading Company 1.16
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  Name: Offworld Trading Company
Version: 1.16
Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: Pre-K'ed

OS version: 10.10+
Processor type(s) & speed: 1.4 GHz Core i5
RAM minimum: 4 GB
Video RAM: 512 MB

Don’t miss an opportunity for opulent self-expression! Conspicuous Consumption dresses up Offworld’s five advanced buildings with custom particles and audio. Give your game some classic sci-fi flare with retro-styled versions, or have a good laugh with the goofy fun time versions. Maybe your newfound extravagance will distract your opponent long enough for you to establish an offworld monopoly right under their noses! ...Okay, perhaps not, but at least you’ll look awesome while you try.

also all previous DLC content included

+ soundtrack
+ almanac


Patch 1.16.17762 adds 4k support and a large number of UI optimizations to Offworld Trading company. The team also continues to support the game with balance, stability and performance updates to continue to improve the game for all players.

Increased profit from Elite Pleasure Domes by +50%
Return Claim black market now gives 2 items
Patent time penalty is lowered with >4 players.
Lowered base market demand slightly
Fixed some AI sabotage bugs and AI is less likely to target human in Practice Challenges
Fixing built-in mods failing to register on start up
Buying out an unfounded player no longer gives them shares after they found
Fixing bug where loading a map doesn't check if a mod is required.
Fixing replay's overwriting previous match history
Fixed an issue where some text elements were not updating due to being enabled and disabled in one frame
Disabling claim canceling in the last two tutorials to fix a bug related to doing that.
Fixing strange map number return on the infinite challenge screen
Fixing issue with lobbies not refreshing properly because Steam thought we were still in a mod
Optimizing Tile network message performance by 2x
Reduced network message sizes by 50%
Loaded games now wait for the loading screen to finish before progressing
Optimizing AI found performance by 2x
Added 4k support
Game Option size is no longer hard-coded
Fixed random prices bug, added warning when player has X% of the money to buy you out
Added Options Toggle for muting the menu music when application is out of focus
Made location nodes on io appear less blurry
Adjusted ceres lighting fog
Made sure Banner Notification scales uniformly as it animates in and out
Fixed splotchy outline text on banner notifications by scaling uniformly
Added higher poly version of io
Adjusted scaling for glowing text on tutorial check buttons
Adjusted "Compare Players" text to scale correctly in the charts and graphs screen
Added layout element to pagination text on daily and infinite map challenge pages so they scale properly
Slight adjustment to Infinite Map Challenge updating leaderboard current page (so it stays the same when a button is pressed, and switches to first page onEnable)
Fixed scaling issues for the auto sell indicator and the espionage arrows
Patents now highlight for perks in campaign mode
Clicking on the Infinite Map Challenge Leaders will now take you to that map number
Mod dropdown menus now have tooltips so users can read long mod names
Adjusted credit text and unity image to scale with larger monitors
Changed width of object so the help button (campaign screen) would display onscreen in 1920x1080 and other resolutions
Fixed alignment of banner notification text
Styling Loading Screen progress bars
Adjusted auto sell icon to scale with aspect to prevent squishing
New text-tutorial info regarding placement of scientific buildings on ice (text provided by Dorian)
Fixed tooltip blocking map number for infinite map challenge

Courtesy of ACTiVATED

Offworld Trading Company is an economic real-time strategy game from Mohawk Games and Stardock Entertainment. In the game, money, not firepower, is the player's weapon. Players must stake their claims to resources and wrest any advantage they can buying and selling on the real-time marketplace – but greasing some palms on the black market for a timely pirate raid on a rival's supply chain can make all the difference.

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